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Business Field


Corporate Philosophy

The creation of health culture with live science

Toyama Chemical's corporate identity is based on the proactive use of science backed by the Company's accumulated expertise, with all employees sharing the goal of supporting healthy lives for individuals.

*"Live science" is a phrase created to express Toyama Chemical's philosophy that its activities are based not only on research activities in "life science" but also on its aim to offer, first and foremost, a healthy and lively lifestyle to all and to thereby enable everyone to lead a lively working life.


To contribute to the further development of global health care through new drug development

Toyama Chemical's mission is to contribute to the further development of global health care through new drug development.

[Image]Business Field

Worldwide demand is increasing for effective drugs to overcome new and intractable diseases. Toyama is working toward this goal by concentrating its R&D in three fields: Infectious Field, Neurological Diseases Therapeutic Field , and Inflammatory Field.

Our core strength is the development of new pharmaceuticals. This is evidenced by our numerous technology exports and our royalty income, which is the highest among mid-sized Japanese pharmaceutical companies.

Pharmaceuticals now in the pipeline include T-705, an antiviral agent; and T-817MA, a treatment for Alzheimer's disease. We have formed strategic partnerships with domestic and overseas pharmaceutical manufacturers to deliver these products quickly and efficiently to medical institutions around the world.

To promote the proper use of pharmaceuticals, we have established a Quality Assurance Center to secure world-class quality, and enacted a comprehensive environmental management policy.

Toyama is taking an aggressive, outward-looking approach, globalizing its activities with the aim of becoming a key pharmaceutical manufacturer.

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