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Message from the President


[Photo]Toshikazu Ban President

Our corporate philosophy is “to create a culture of health with live science*.” All of us at Toyama Chemical share this goal and strive towards creating a company that will apply the accumulated fruits of our R&D efforts to enable people to enjoy lives brimming with vitality.

* “Live science” is a phrase created to express Toyama Chemical's philosophy that its activities are based not only on research activities in “life science” but also on its aim to offer, first and foremost, a healthy and lively lifestyle to all and to thereby enable everyone to lead a lively working life.

In the healthcare industry, Fujifilm conducts business in the three fields of ‘prevention,’ ‘diagnosis’ and ‘treatment’ concerning human health. As the core company in Fujifilm Group's pharmaceutical business focusing on the ‘treatment’ field, Toyama Chemical is promoting the establishment of the business structures capable of creating a steady stream of candidate compounds for world-standard new drug. Toyama Chemical's technologies are combined with those of Fujifilm to reinforce the Group's R&D capability and the level of production technology even further.

Amidst the declining birthrate and demographic aging society and resulting increase in social security expenditures, Japan's pharmaceutical industry continues to face tough conditions, with the government promoting the use of generic drugs to optimize medical costs under the nation's Basic Policy on Economic and Fiscal Management and Reform. Heightened difficulty in new drug development has been also coupled with the skyrocketing cost of R&D, increasing the level of business risks. In the given situation, there is greater significance in creative new drug development for R&D-oriented companies like us.

The anti-influenza virus agent (T-705), one of main drug candidates in our product pipeline, is considered not only addressing possible pandemic of a new strain of influenza, which has a mass casualty potential, but also for clinical application on other viral diseases that currently have no treatment option, such as the Ebola virus disease and the Severe Fever with Thrombocytopenia Syndrome (SFTS). Another drug candidate, agent for the treatment of Alzheimer disease (T-817MA), is currently in clinical testing in Japan and the United States to counter the disease, which is a major threat in our increasingly aging society. With these prominent drug candidates in the pipeline, Toyama Chemical is striving to make a major leap forward as a leading world-class manufacturer of pharmaceuticals for specified disease fields (such as Infectious Field, Neurological Diseases Therapeutic Field , and Inflammatory Field).

As the driving force of the Fujifilm Group's pharmaceutical business, Toyama Chemical strives to contribute to the further development of global health care through new drug development, thereby fulfilling its social responsibility as a pharmaceutical company. In order to resolve social challenges, we will continue to actively work on creating ‘new value’, contributing to the sustainable development of society.

We ask for your ongoing support as we pursue these objectives.

Toshikazu Ban

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