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Place: Japan

Development No.
Generic name
Therapeutic Category Stage
T-4288 Antibacterial agent (Fluoroketolide antibiotic) Phase 3
Favipiravir Antiviral agent (Anti-SFTS(serious fever with thrombocytopenia syndrome) virus agent) Phase 3
T-817MA Treatment for Alzheimer's disease Phase 2

(As of Aug 2018)

Place: Overseas

Development No. Therapeutic Category Stage
T-3811 Antibacterial agent (Quinolone antibiotic) NDA filing (China)
T-705 Antiviral agent (Anti-influenza virus agent) Phase 3 (U.S.)
T-817MA Treatment for Alzheimer's disease Phase 2 (U.S.)
T-2307 Antifungal agent Phase 1 (U.S.)

FUJIFUILM group will conduct development in the foreign country.

(As of Aug 2018)

Toyama Chemical Co., Ltd. has following patent rights of the compounds of development number described above.
In these countries, acts of making, selling or offering to sell these compounds infringe the following patent rights of Toyama Chemical Co., Ltd. without the permission of Toyama Chemical Co., Ltd.
Please make sure not to infringe patent rights of Toyama Chemical Co., Ltd.

US patent No. RE43748, EP patent No. 1112743, Chinese patent No. ZL99809897.3, Japanese patent No. 3453362


US patents Nos. 6025370 and 6337399, EP patents Nos. 0882725 and 1031569, Chinese patents Nos. ZL01101232.3 and ZL98810627.2, Japanese patents Nos. 3031722 and 3281872


US patent No. RE43676, EP patent No. 1437353, Chinese patent No. ZL02820645.2, Japanese patent No. 4398247


US patent No. 7291617, EP patent No. 1481966, Chinese patent No. ZL03807452.4, Japanese patent No. 4320260

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