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The information in news releases is current at the time of the release. Note that the information shown here may not be latest information (termination of production or sales, changes to specifications or pricing, organizational or contact address changes, etc.), and may be subject to change without prior notice.

Toyama Chemical reacquires global development and sell rights to T-3811, a new-type quinolone synthetic antibacterial agent

September 2, 2003

On September 30, 1998, Toyama Chemical Co., Ltd. (President: Katsuhiko Nakano) agreed a licensing agreement with Bristol Myers-Squibb Company (BMS) to grant the development and sell rights to T-3811 (generic name: garenoxacin), originally developed by Toyama Chemical. Under this licensing agreement, BMS continued development of the compound in Europe and the US, completing all the necessary clinical trials for filing in the US. BMS and Toyama Chemical entered discussions in July 2003 on how to maximize the potential of T-3811. However, both companies have reached an agreement whereby Toyama Chemical would re-acquire all the rights to T-3811 (including usage rights for all the basic research and clinical data), as BMS has now assigned a lower R&D priority to antibacterials for commercial strategy reasons. After executing a new agreement on the re-acquisition, scheduled for mid-September 2003, global development and sell rights to T-3811, including in Japan, will belong to Toyama Chemical. Toyama Chemical will waste no time in developing this drug in Japan and will start investigating new partners for the development and sale of T-3811 globally, excluding Japan.

Toyama Chemical Co., Ltd. constantly strives to supply the world with innovative treatment methods for infectious diseases.

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